The Ultimate Detox Cleansing Kit

From Natural Remedies 911

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Most Effective, Powerful Defense Against Toxic Colon!

Includes everything you need for a complete internal cleanse to help your digestive system function at peak performance. Each product of the Ultimate Detox Kit has been specifically formulated to work together, and arranged to allows you to choose from 3 Colon Cleanse options. This allows you to customize your cleansing regimen to your needs and comfort level*

The Ultimate Detox Benefits:

  • Kill and eliminate parasites, worms, and their eggs throughout the body*
  • Provides tonic support for digestive organs and mucus membranes*
  • Remove stubborn toxic fecal waste from the walls of your intestines*
    (most effective when choosing the Fast Program – Superior Cleanse Option)
  • Relieves burden to liver, helping to decongests and stimulates bile flow*
  • Stimulates digestive secretions*
  • Establish regularity of bowel movement*
  • Replenish microflora to the intestinal tract*
  • Regularly incorporating an effective full Detox program can result in life changing results.

    Experience The Benefits Of A Total Cleanse From The Ultimate Detox Kit!

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Why Colon Cleanse?

To give our body a chance to renew itself.

Are you suffering from constipation, sinus problems, joint pain, allergies, fatigue, skin problems, mood swings, bad breath or food intolerance? These problems may be rooted in your digestive system.

Your digestive system has a direct impact on your total health. Digestion is the mechanical and chemical process of breaking down food into molecules small enough to be absorbed through your intestinal lining. You need a healthy, clean and intact intestinal lining to absorb the maximum nutrients possible.

As important as it is to digest and absorb, it is equally important to eliminate. Once digestion and absorption are completed, undigested food, bacteria, metabolic wastes, hormones, cholesterol, and environmental toxins need to be removed from the body to prevent autointoxication. This happens through bowel movements. If you don’t have daily bowel movements, you may experience a host of uncomfortable symptoms, from bloating to low energy.

All nutrition for the growth and repair of our bodies comes from the digested food moving along in the small intestines and being picked up by the blood. It is then brought directly to the liver, which further processes these food molecules into forms easily used by the cells of the body. However, there are many places this can go wrong.

If the food is not broken down small enough due to eating too fast, poor chewing or little or no teeth.
If there is a lack of digestive enzymes to break down the chewed-up food pieces to the even smaller size needed by the liver to process it for all the cells of the body.
If the intestinal wall is so packed and coated with putrefying food particles/toxic wastes that the blood absorbs only partially what it needs.
If unwanted parasite-organisms burrowed into the coated intestines, use some of your nutrition and give off their own toxic waste products into your body.

The coating of the intestinal wall is called mucoid plaque. A certain amount of mucus is normal and enables the body to function properly, but a buildup of mucus is not the natural occurrence. Old waste and hardened mucus can hinder absorption. If this plaque is not broken up and released, no amount of cleansing of other areas of the body will have a lasting effect. The colon must be cleaned out and any unwanted parasite-organisms eliminated if the rest of the body is to renew itself.

The Ultimate Detox Cleansing Kit

From Natural Remedies 911

Information about Your Colon And Mucoid Plaque


Most of us do not eat the correct types of food on a daily basis, we eat too much sugar, flour, starches, dairy, preservatives, etc. These tend to be hard on the digestive system.

Any waste that’s not completely removed during bowel movements will accumulate in the colon. This accumulated waste is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. These things contribute to a build up on the colon walls. This build up is called “mucoid plaque”.

It is common after years of eating to build up mucoid plaque on the walls of your intestines. This plaque build-up consist of hardened mucous, lining the inner walls of the digestive tract which usually consist of putrefying fecal matter, bound up toxic waste, bacteria, and/or unwanted guest with it’s fecal matter, producing eggs, which thrive in this type of environment; causing additional toxic waste to leached into your blood stream. It can be in layers from less than 1/16 of an inch to over several inches thick, seen in some folks as “protruding belly” where 5 to 30 pounds may be trapped in the digestive system due to toxic fecal waste. As this fecal matter coats the walls of the colon, stool is restricted through a much smaller opening. Gases are created from the rotting bacteria, creating indigestion which can cause bouts of heartburn, flatulence, bloating, bad breath, sleeping problems, low energy, sleepy during the day, a full feeling in the gut, even after having a bowel movement it feels as though you haven’t completely emptied, and many other symptoms. It’s much like your kitchen sink drainpipe. Over time, a buildup of slime accumulate on the walls of the drain pipe, causing a rancid smell from the gases created by the rotting bacteria within the pipes; water is restricted through a much narrow opening, eventually causing a backed-up system over time.

Here’s The Complete Solution To Kill Parasites and Cleanse Your Body Thoroughly

Your Colon Cleanse program consist of 10 days of Parasite cleansing, followed by choosing 1 of the 3 colon cleanse options: 8 Day Superior Cleanse option, 7 Day Great Cleanse option, or our 30 Day Good Cleanse option. Finally you restore and replenish for 30 days with our powerful probiotics.

The Superior Cleanse Option is an eight day intensive cleanse, intended to remove as much of this plaque as possible. This option includes a 4 day liquids-only fast period and allows the intestines to first eliminate solid food from the digestive tract, which then provides access for Toxin Reg to bind to the walls of the digestive tract, and to absorb and remove bound up toxic waste. If you eat solid food while fasting it will reduce the power of Toxin Regs adherence to the intestinal walls, as the powder and liquid mixture will be forced to bind to some of the solid food you eat.

To the right you will find examples of unwanted common worms (and many more) that the Ultimate Detox Kit with Parasite Remover will expel

Examples of Mucoid Plaque & Worms

Use Together As Your Complete Detox Cleanse And Rebuild Program To Optimize Good Health!


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